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Northrend is HUGE. He has more Outland on the number of locations, and some locations in Northrend is more than the largest in the Outlands.
Mounts, which will be available in Wrath, is likely to be able to take passengers. They will also work in the old world (since we are talking about land), so players can “ride” lo-lvlov! Speed of the new mounts and wow gold will increase slightly in the Armored Netherdrake.
No one knows for sure, but Blizzard is the idea of giving players new mounts for free. And it will be mounts with passenger seats.
Trainers and Auction will remain in the “Old World”.
Dalaran is located in North or Central Northrend, near the final zones.
History [Ashbringer] will be widely developed in the expansion.


Bleksmitery can create Gem slots on a weapon where these slots until it was not.
In every profession will be added to something cool, and are specific to this profession, according to the principle of weapon for the epic Weaponsmith’ov.
New ore in Northrend is called Cobalt.
The new cloth in Northrend is called Frostweave (Hladotkan)
To learn how to work Inskriptsiya. Do you have some materials. Of them, you create a scroll that and give the buff for a specific spell. For each improvement will be a scroll, as in Enchatinge. There will be some “common” scroll, ie to bafnut specific Fireball on such a buff you need a specific book.


In Lake Wintergrasp will be daily quests. Also, it may be a buff that acts on the entire continent. There will be rewards from all danzheonov, on the principle of [Spirit Shard] from Auchindion.
Two new arenas can be added to Dalaran and Orgrimmar.

Raid & Dungeons

In Wyrmrest Temple raid dungeon will be like in Onyxia’s Lair. The only encounter will be located in the Chamber of Aspects Offtopic
Malygos, the blue dragon, commanding magic in Azeroth? – Approx. Trans.
Raid encounter in the Nexus will allow players to fight on the side of any dragon flight. Bronze, green and red dragons have each their own set of abilities.
The developers felt that the horseradish gave rewards for PvE in BC and try to restore justice in WotLK.
For Heroic Dungeons in BC, for example, gave insufficient rewards, so in Wrath of the Lich King will all change for the better cancellation. Every heroic-danzheona will loot-table, which will differ from the standard not just a small addition of pluses to stats aytemov. New Heroic Badge system is designed to fix it.
In one of these for the 3.0 patch will be disclosed storyline Artes.
In the Armory will add PvE-ladder (on the principle of – approx. Trans.).

Death Knight

Change the runes will not be so “hard” (in terms of money – approx. Trans.) How to change the talent, but at the same time, it will not be as “out of the battalion commander of changed my runes.
Death Knights will not only swing the sword. Maces, axes in both hands, or two-handed versions. Can not use a shield.
Carry you 2-hand of weapon or carry in both hands on of weapon, it does not affect the amount of runes (6), which may be used.
Death Knights will play in the necropolis hovering above the ground in the Eastern Plaguelands near the current Nakssramasa. Next they will swing into the location east of Tyr’s Hand and Noxius Glade. There, the main story quests will disclose background of Death Knights
New abilities DC:
Blood Presence – DPS. Increases DPS and heals slowly DK if attacked.
Blood Strike – inflicts damage based on the number of “disease” on purpose.
Blade Strike – hangs a “disease” on purpose, in addition to fiz.damagu.
Mind Freeze – interrupts castes

Patch 2.5

“We last week included in the 2.4.2 test realm (aka PTR). This patch can be regarded as particularly important in terms of content, but rather a bug-fix many bugs and adding a lot of small improvements. We have among us are talking about introducing something something between 2.4.2 and Wrath of the Lich King, but we are not convinced that this will represent a ”
“There will be no opening event of opening the way to Northrend as it did with Ahn’Qiraj: opening day of the add-on players will go straight into Northrend. BUT, a month or two will probably be a large patch, such as pre-TBC.Igrokam tell you why they are actually going to Northrend, yet, the patch can be included the new talent tree and class changes. ”
Blizzard plans to make new aytemov for which players spend all their money savings Prior to Wrath.

New details about the Death Knight, a video from Northrend.

battles in helicopters and fly-mounts
inskriptsiya – a new profession!
Death Knight spells
new faction
much more.

As already mentioned, Inskraybery (people with Inskriptsiey) will create a “glyph” (“characters”) that will enhance spells and abilities.
Judging by the first recipe, which requires [Peacebloom], a new profession will go in tandem with Herbalizmom (
Each player will receive a new page in the book of spells, which can be added to six glyphs – four major and two weak action.
Major glyphs will be effective in combat – adding DoT or the camp to a physical attack, for example, a weak glyphs will make purely cosmetic changes, for example, avoid the need for any reagent.
Glyphs can be sold at Auction


It is planned to the possibility of selling enchants on the auction

Lake Wintergrasp – Battleground / Mobile Facilities

New technology includes the transport characteristics fiz.povedeniya and management – the inertia, centrifugal force, turning circle, the movement of the suspension, etc. This applies to both ground and air to the mount.
At the same time can be planted in a vehicle up to wow power leveling eight people who can manage the guns and turrets (!!!!!!)
In PvP, there will be Steam tanks Dwarves, Orcs and Catapults Trupovozki Forsaken. Welcome to WARCRAFT III!!!


You will see Arthas already in Dragonblight (lvl 71-75), but a raid against him will be added only in the last patch of this “circle” (meaning – this addon). It will happen in the Icecrown Citadel.
In Dragonblight can be united with a faction Scarlet Crusade.
In the Grizzly Hills players will see a lot of monsters from the classic WoW – furbolg (“Beorn”), Kobolds, the VentureCo., And Worgen from Silverpayna.
Archmage Arugal from Shadowfang Keep now heads the Worgen Werewolves in Grizzly Hills.
In the Grizzly Hills you will see the “evil twin city of Ironforge” (
Argent Dawn again in battle, now in Zul’Drak.
In Sholazar Basin you take part in the “reputational war between Volvarami (wolves) and Oracle (Morlock).
* There will be plenty of quests in the new and the old transport – development of bombing-run’ov from BC – for example, Worgen pour burning oil on the horse, the delivery of products by helicopter (gyrocopters, hello Humana), and by the way, hunting mammoths too will be.

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New information Wrath of the Lich King

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